About Us

Terry Corcoran Gomien creates kiln glass art in Morris, Illinois.She is a former toy inventor and product designer and infuses that extensive three dimensional experience into developing whimsical and innovative glass art.  Terry’s love of color, trees and birds influences her work.

Terry has wanted to be an artist ever since she could remember wanting to be anything. Some of her most vivid, childhood memories are those spent with that big box of Crayons with the sharpener in the back.  She studied Industrial Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign.  While there she discovered metals which enhanced her three dimensional explorations.  She graduated and designed products like sinks, faucets and casket hardware for a small, private consulting firm.  It was when she moved to Rhode Island to work for Hasbro that she discovered her real Industrial Design calling. Terry’s humor and creativity were a perfect fit for toy development.  She took advantage of the privilege of attending the Rhode Island School of Design while at Hasbro and honed her handmade craftsmanship skills.  She left Hasbro to move back to Chicago and worked for many years for BMT inventing toys. She thrived in this fast paced “idea factory” atmosphere and worked with a great group of creatives, techies and engineers.  She left BMT to start a family.  Terry took a class in glass fusing in Chicago and has never looked back.  Glass fills all of her artistic needs and she has spent many years mastering her craft.